Personalities of Bankura

First Name

Last Name

Life Time

Achievement in life

Abinash Chandra Das 1867-1936

Famous literatteur and scholar. Translated Vedas. Editor of 'Swadesh' and 'Indian Mirror'. Professor of the University of Calcutta. Penned many plays and essays.

Anantalal Bandopadhyay 1761-1852

Renowned musician of the Bishnupur Gharana. He was the court musician of Ramkrishna Singhadev. Known as "Sangeet Kashari" was the first teacher of the residential music school of Bishnupur.

Anil Baran Roy 1888-1974

Noted freedom fighter. Gave up his professorship during Civil disobedience movement. He was the associate of Netaji and Rishi Aurobinda.

Basanta Ranjan Roy 1865-1952

Discovered the long lost manuscript of 'ShriKrishnaKirtan'. Lacked formal education but took profound interest in ancient texts and curios. Turned into a scholar of Bangla Literature later on and appointed as a lecturer of Bangla in Calcutta University. Bangiya Sahitya Parishad conferred him as 'Bidya Ballav'. 

Digambar Chattopadhyay N.A

Emiment Lawyer and a great scholar. One of the first Indian Judge of the Calcutta High Court during the British empire.

Gopeshwar Bandopadhyay 1880-1962

Not only a famous classical vocalist and instrumentalist of the Bishnupur Gharana but also great scholar of the Hindustani musical tradition. Composed many books. The court musician of Burdwan for twenty nine years. Also known as Tan-raj and Sur-raj. Conferred Deshikottam by Viswabharati in 1961. Rabindranath designated him as Swara-Saraswati.

Gyanendra Prasad Goswami 1902-1947

One of the all time greats in the Hindustani music tradition. Excelled in Dhrupad, Khayyal and Rag-Pradhan. Breathed life into Bangla Rag-Pradhan songs and devotional songs.

Harihar Mukhopadhyay 1838-1902

Distinguished lawyer, freedom fighter and social activist. First Chairman of the Bankura Municipality.

Harikishan Rathi N.A

Social worker and freedom fighter. Follower of Gandhiji. Promoted Sanskrit learning at Bankura. Founder of many libraries and established the "Kesiakole Ekteswar Goshala".

Jogesh Chandra Roy 1859-1965

Eminent scholar, educationist, writer, linguist, historian. Owing to his talent was conferred many accolades like D.Litt., Acharya, Bidyanidhi, Roy Bahadur etc. Also the recipient of Rabindra Award and Academy award. His books Chandidas Charit, Amader Jyotish, Bangla Bhasar Byakaran-O-Abhidhan, Puja Parbon gives us a glimpse of his versatile talent.

Jogesh Chandra Bandopadhyay 1901-1979

Eminent doctor. Appointed the cardiovascular consultant of the World Health Organization (WHO). Recipient of 'Padmabhusan'

Kanailal De 1894-1978

Noted freedom fighter and eminent lawyer. Took active part in the Civil Disobedience movement. Lead the lawyers in the boycott movement and persuaded them to stop going to courts.

Mohanlal Goenka N.A

Noted social worker. Established school for promotion of education and learning. Built two bridges in order to improve the means of communication and promote trade and business.

Nabanita Guha N.A

Veteran Freedom fighter and social activist. A fervent advocate of women emancipation. Arrested several times during the Indian National Movement. Established a primary school for girls. Also a crusader against untouchability.

Radhaballav Singha ? -1890

The modern man of Bankura. Social reformer, established schools and introduced English learning. He also established a charitable dispensary.  Owing to his social service was conferred the title 'Roy Bahadur'.

Radhamohan Bhattacharya 1908-1993

Lawyer, who later an turned into an actor. Permanent member of the Asiatic Society, Rabindrabharati University and Viswabharati. Was an actor of extraordinary talent. Some of his films are 'Udayer Pathe', 'Darpachurna', 'Khudita Pasan', 'Jhinder Bandi' etc.

Ramesh Chandra Bandopadhyay .

Eminent Indian Classical music singer. Dean of music faculty of Rabindrabharati University. Introduced masters degree in music. He was conferred the title 'Ratnakar'. A regular radio artist and a member of the audition board of Akash Vani.

Rishibar Mukherjee 1852 - ?

Barrister -at law of the state of Kashmir. Donated seventy bighas of land for Bankura Sammilani Medical School which was later upgraded as Medical college.

Santashila Palit 1882-1947

Veteran freedom fighter and social worker. First woman to take part in the Salt Satyagraha and was imprisoned. Nothing could bind her indomitable spirit.

Saradamoni   1853-1920

Born in the Mukhopadhyay family of Kamarpukur, married to Sri Ramkrishna Paramahansa. Later known as 'Ma Sarada' all over the world.

Satya Kinkar Sahana (Bidyabinod) 1874-1960

Noted social worker and scholar. Owing to his scholastic works he was conferred   'Vidya Vinod' . Author of Chandidas Prasanga.

Satyarani Halder 1910-

Eminent freedom fighter and social worker. Took active part in the Civil Disobedience Movement. Imprisoned several times.

Surendranath Bandopadhyay 1886-1972

He was a skilled vocalists and an instrumentalist. Disciple of Ramprasanna Bandopadhyay, Gopeshwar Bandopadhyay and Ustad Kukkuv Khan. Wrote a few books on Indian instrumental and vocal music. Received 'Padmasri' in recognition of his talent.