Great Personalities of Bankura.
        EMINENT Personalities        
We, the people of Bankura, express our sincerest gratitude to these eminent Personalities. We expect heartiest involvement of all our visitors, for more information.
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distinguished personalities
Ramananda Chattopadhyay

RamanandaLife Time   : May 29, 1856 To 30 Sept, 1943
Birth Place : Bankura

Education  : After passing out his Entrance Examination from Bankura Zilla School being fourth in the Merit List, he secured 1st Class First in BA and later his MA (English) in 1890. Inspired by the youth wing of Bramho Samaj headed by Bipin Chandra Pal, he refused the State Scholarship to study abroad, instead accepted the post of a Lecturer.

Achievement In Life :- He had a natural inclination for Journalism. He started publishing and editing a number of Journals and Periodicals such as 'Indian Messenger', 'Pravasi', 'Modern Review', 'Pradip', 'Mukul', etc. As a messiah for poor destitute children, he took active interest in their welfare through 'Sevalaya'. In 1895, he moved to Allahabad and while serving as Principal of 'Kayastha Pathsala' through the columns of 'Advocate' started agitating for the rights of the students. His columns in 'Modern Review' became the forerunner for instilling the idea of Indian Independence. He was invited by UNO in 1926 to  Geneva and other European Countries where he met with Romma Ronla . He became an active member of the Indian National Congress and in the closing year of his life, he associated himself with many other organizations that worked for the social, educational and economic welfare. At Bishnupur, a college named after him stands as his memorial. The final year of his life saw great felicitations from many Institutions on his birthday including 'Vishya Bharti', 'Bangiya Sahitya Parishad', Indian Journalist Association, Bankura Sammilani College, etc.

Ramkinkar Baij

RamkinkarLife Time   :1906 To 1980
Birth Place : Jugipara, Bankura.

Education  : After securing Diploma from the Kala Bhavan, Shanti Niketan, he became the Head of the Sculpture Department at Shanti Niketan.

Achievement In Life :- He is better known as a sculptor, but nonetheless he was a Painter of excellence. It is our misfortune we do not give due recognition to him as a painter. Both his sculpture and paintings are natural, bold and spontaneous. His works found a prominent place in exhibitions the world over including Tokyo in 1974.
He breathed his last in 1989 and as a rare tribute to this eminent Artist a post humor exhibition was held at the National Gallery of Modern Art in 1980.

Jamini Roy

Jamini RoyLife Time   : 1887 To 1972.
Birth Place : Bankura.

Education  : In 1903 with the consent of his father, he arrived in Calcutta and enrolled there in the Govt. School of Art. Despite his ready success, he had, by 1925, begun experimenting along the lines of popular bazaar paintings sold outside the Kalighat temple, Calcutta.

Achievement In Life :- By the early 1930s he had made a complete switch to indigenous materials, following the Kalighat idiom back to its source in the scroll paintings of the Bengal countryside. Roy's pictures become very popular during the 1940s and clientele included both the Bengali middle class and European community. In 1946, his work was exhibited in London; in 1953 in New York. He was honored with the State award of Padma Bibhushan in 1955.