Media of Bankura.

People belonging to various linguistic, religious, ethnic and cultural groups live in perfect amity in West Bengal. This is well reflected in the types of newspapers, little magazines, periodicals etc. Sri Ramnath Mukhopadhyay published the first weekly magazine "Bankura Darpan" from Bankura in 1885 and the first periodical was 'Bankura Lakhsmi' by Sri Shasankashekhar Bandopadhyay in 1922. Now more than 50 little mags & periodicals and 20 newspapers are being published regularly from Bankura. Among newspapers published from The News, The Vibration, Bankura Barta, Rarh Bankura, Hindubani, Bankura Sambad & Mallabhum etc. and little magazines like Anamika, Socrates, Manikoustav, Chintabhabna Rarh Unmeshana & Samaj O Rajniti etc. are noteworthy. 'Jumid Dadhe' is a tribal magazine that reflects the life and thoughts of the tribal people.  'Kalpana' was the first magazine edited by a woman.

The large variety of magazines and periodicals are not only the practicing field of local writers but also the poets and writers from outside Bankura and even from Bangladesh enriched the literature of the district.

Poverty is everywhere in the district, but these magazines have compensated that scarcity by nourishing the cultural consciousness of the people.


The one & only gorgeous theatre hall of Bankura is 'Rabindra Bhaban'. Although one another medium sized hall was built at Khatra last year and Zilla Parisad is building another large theatre hall at Bankura. Several stage shows are regularly organized by different cultural groups of the district including Drama competition, Theatre, Seminar, Workshops and Cultural programs. Renowned artists from Calcutta and all over the India performed in Bankura time to time.

The culture of cinema is an age-old media of entertainment and culture of the district though since the arrival of TV and TV Networking like City Cable the numbers of cinema viewers are decreasing day by day. Still the district has 35 Cinema Halls.