Crafts of Bankura.
        craft of bankura        

The variety of handicraft available here gives us the feeling of creative spirit, toil & perspiration of our so-called rustic craftsmen at our fingertip.

It seems as if the forgotten history peeps through the crevasse of the black curtain of oblivion over its presence on our drawing room center table. We also feel ourselves to be beautiful in the warmth of finesse given to the raw materials by the imaginative minds of the village artist.

Available Crafts

Handicrafts Handlooms

From the ancient to the present time here united the people of various religions like Jainism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Muslim. The mixed culture mirrors its impact on the walls of temples, in various religiosities and in manifold lifestyles. This mixed folk-culture is also revealed through various crafts of the district. Today the high-necked terra-cotta horse as a sign of excellence in handicraft is roaming around the world. This horses, which is the symbol of handicraft section of Indian Government, is our pride. Also handicrafts like Dokra, Stone-carvings & Wood-carvings etc. and handlooms of silk & tasar etc. have enriched the district. Other noteworthy crafts are Earthen pots, Conch shells, Leather works, Baluchari sarees, Bamboo works and Pota-chitras (Scroll Paintings) etc. Still the most unfortunate thing is that the skilled craftsmen are the most exploited and poorest persons because of the mediators.

Future Plan

We wish to change the system by providing online-sale facilities to our visitors directly from the craftsmen at a moderate price as soon as possible.Any legal organization or individual based in Bankura and engaged in the productions of handicrafts/handlooms, who wish to be listed in these pages please send us E-mail by clicking Here.

Keep in Touch

So all our visitors are requested to keep in touch and help us to promote these crafts.