Folklore of Bankura.

"Folklore is a lively fossil which refuse to die" – Charles Francis Poter

Folklore means the culture or lore of folk or common people. Folk mean a whole society. Religion, society, literature and tradition of a tribe reflect through the mirror of culture. Folklore flows from ages through lyrics, ballads, festivals, pictures or architecture without any formal training. The cultural region surpuses all boundary, may it be political or geographical.

The border area including Bankura is culturally known as 'West Rarh'. The 'West Rarh' is carrying a glorious cultural heritage through manifold aspects. The folk of this 'Rarhbhum' lead a simple life with an inherent passion towards art and culture with an aesthetic sense.

These simple and common folks, creativity often reflects in various works of handicrafts and handlooms. Their skillful hands are still engaged in traditional cottage industries.