Fair and festivals of Bankura.
        Fair and festivals        

Fair and festivals are the fields to assemble, to unite. The very ideal of harmony and amity underlines the fair deal.

Fair and festivals are life of  Bankura through which we can share our feelings and touch the real essence of the soil of  " Rarh Bankura".

Fairs, which owe their origin to religion, has worn down the religious garb through ages. Two most important fairs of Bankura are the Vishnupur Mela and District Book fair, both held in December every year. There is also a number of fairs, like Chaitra Gajan of Ekteshwar, Dharmarajer Gajan of Beliatore etc.  held on the occasion of festivals.

Festivals also play a remarkable part in shaping the social and cultural outlook in Bankura. festivals do provide a piece of fresh cheese and jam and the whole taste changes. Here, people belonging to each and every religion enjoy the liberty of festivity of their own, without harming other's spirit.

Festivals like Durga Puja, Kali Puja, Laksmi Puja and Swaraswati Puja is observed with pomp and grandeur. Also Id-uz-juha and Id-ul-Fitr of the Muslims, Baisakhi festivals of Sikh, Buddha Purnima of the Buddhists, Xmas and New Years day of the Christians are observed.

The other noteworthy  festivals of the district are the Ras Utsav of Vishnupur, Kaliyadaman of Jagdallah & Purandarpur, Pirer Utsav in Indus, Basuli Mela of Chatna, Dhara Utsav of Susunia etc. Bhadupuja and Tusupuja are other two important folk festivals of this district organized by local women.